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We are Steve and Ashley Hage, Husband and Wife, Partners, Co-Owners, and the entire team that is otherwise known as Point Photo and Design.

We started the business in 2008, and spend our weekends documenting wedding day stories of love and adventure, meeting and getting to know wonderful new friends, and providing our clients with the highest quality professional images and designs.

Steve spent his college years in the darkroom and digital lab falling in love with every aspect of the photographic process, and graduated in 2006 with a degree in Fine Art Photography. The energy, beauty, and significance of weddings make them his favorite subject to be a part of and chronicle.
When he isn’t behind the lens or working in his office, Steve can be found creating new recipes in the kitchen, playing amateur botanist in the garden, and learning home improvement lessons the hard way.

Ashley mastered her photographic skills on the job, and is fantastic at making sure the details of the wedding day look great. She never misses a candid image or a fun opportunity, and makes new friends everywhere she goes. During the school year she is better known as Mrs. Hage to her 3rd grade students, and loves both her jobs equally.

Ashley is the master of our social calendar, and the genius behind our marketing and style.

We have had the privilege of being part of over 80 weddings in the last few years, and are so grateful to each one of our past clients for trusting us with their images, memories, and stories, and for enabling us to work together doing something we love.

In addition to the packages and services outlined elsewhere on this website, we are both very skilled and experienced in the following:

• Pinning corsages.
• Adjusting dresses.
• Fixing aisle runners.
• Calming down mothers.
• Making ridiculous sounding requests on behalf of our brides (while maintaining straight faces).
• Holding umbrellas, shoes, veils, traffic, etc. with one hand, while shooting with the other.
• Finding safety pins, alternate routes, tissues, a place to escape the rain, and a reason for you to smile if something goes less than perfectly.

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