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Professional Photography and Design for Weddings, Engagements, Families, Seniors, and Businesses in South Bend, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Goshen Indiana

"How much do your high quality prints cost? What about digital files?"
Printed on professional photo paper, our prints are prepped individually by us, and take an average of only 3 days to arrive at your door from our lab.

"What is your booking process? How do we reserve our date on your calendar?"
Our booking process to accept a 20% deposit on the package of your choice (go ahead and pick one for now if you are unsure, and we can always make changes later), and the completed wedding contract. That's it! Once we have your contract and deposit, your day is officially booked.

Our contract PDF can be downloaded here.

"How should we plan for the engagement shoot?"
The engagement shoot usually takes about an hour, and can be anything you'd like it to be, whether simply great pictures in a fun setting, or an elaborate series of scenes complete with wardrobe and props. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

Locations can include local parks, your backyard, the place you met, the place you got engaged, the family farm, the bar where you had your first date, the top of the tree you climbed together once, the middle of a lake in that little boat, the Ferris Wheel, your college campus football field during the homecoming game, etc.

You could stage a formal evening out, or go with a travel theme (luggage, trains, taxis, etc), a relaxing day at home, a trip to the beach, the 1930's, a snow day, a team rivalry, a shared milkshake, tandem bike rental, or anything you dream up...the sky's the limit (which would also make good theme!).

Besides locations and themes, it's a good idea to think about what you'll wear. Casual or formal, it's up to you. We suggest at least one outfit change. Have fun with it! Be sure to consider accessories like scarves, glasses, hats, balloons, etc. Color will also make a big difference, and we suggest colors that contrast with the backgrounds - for example, if we're using a green park landscape setting, we wouldn't recommend a green wardrobe.

It is not unusual for clients to include guests in some images. If you would like to bring along friends, kids, or pets to be included in your engagement shoot, we suggest starting the session with them, and then they can be excused as we move on to images of just the two of you.

We will ideally find a short amount of time, (often between the wedding and reception) on the wedding day to get some images of just the two of you together. That time can be like a mini-session with its own location and details, or just a few shots somewhere convenient, depending on your time frame. Either way, you will likely not want to re-use an engagement location or theme. So, keep in mind that there may be something you want to save for the wedding day.

"We have an unusual/non-traditional plan for our wedding day. Is that alright?"
That is fantastic! In fact, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to make your wedding exactly what you would like it to be. Yes, there are a lot of wedding traditions, many that we personally quite like. But, I doubt I will ever hear any of our wedding couples say they wish they had been less true to themselves on their wedding day. The best weddings are natural reflections of the wedding couple having the time of their lives, and incidentally, I feel the same way about wedding pictures.

"What if one or both of us are a bit camera shy?"
Challenge accepted!
We find that by "camera shy" most people really mean that they anticipate being uncomfortable trying to smile convincingly for someone with a camera that they barely know. Quite understandable. What if, instead, you were having a great time, being yourself, and enjoying getting to know an enthusiastic and slightly goofy couple who take wedding pictures for a living? We have fun on our shoots. We are pretty sure you will too.

"When will our engagement shoot be scheduled?"
We can schedule your engagement session whenever you would like! Some couples prefer to wait for a particular season or event if they have the luxury of time, others schedule their engagements right away so that images can be used for Save-the-Date cards, newspaper announcements, or invitations. It is completely up to you.

"What if we won't be able to do an engagement session?"
No Problem. We do love our engagement sessions, not only because they are a lot of fun, but also because they are a great opportunity for us to get to know you a little before the wedding day. However, we understand that engagement sessions aren't always logistically possible, or convenient. In such cases, we simply extend you a credit of $150 toward prints, extra time, albums, or digital rights instead.

"When does coverage begin? If there's a break in the day does that count toward our time?”
Our coverage begins when we arrive (at the time you specify), and continues until our contracted amount of hours are completed. We are quite flexible, and occasionally do have couples add an extra hour, even on the day of the wedding if the day is going longer than anticipated. $325 per hour is the cost whether we adjust a package months in advance, or on the wedding day (we always check in when your time is coming to an end, just in case there is anything more you would like us to be around to capture). We don't mind, ‘cause we like weddings! Except in rare circumstances, such as a wedding and reception on different days, we do not split up the coverage time.

"Is there a travel fee?"
Great question! If the wedding and reception are over 100 miles away from Goshen, Indiana (or "home" as we call it), we will need to charge a travel fee to cover our gas, and in some cases, a hotel.

"Our church/venue is quite strict. Will that be a problem?"
Not at all!
Whatever the constraints, we have most likely dealt with them in the past. It is always best if we know about any unusual restrictions before the wedding day though, just in case a little preparation is needed.

"When and how will we see the images? We are excited!"
4 weeks after the wedding/event date is how long we give ourselves to process and polish your images, and upload them to your online gallery. The password protected online gallery is accessed via our webpage (sign in at the top right), and we will do our best on the day of the wedding to make guests aware of how to login and see the images. That way you only have to tell/remind people how to access them 10,000 or so times.

"How do we order prints?
Prints can be ordered directly from your gallery page, and shipped anywhere: no need to worry about coordinating orders for your family and friends, it's easy and convenient for everyone to log in, and if they need any help, we are here to assist. We are also happy to take orders via phone, email, when we bump into you out at dinner, or slipped under our door scribbled on wedding napkins.

"What locations make great backgrounds? Can we use more than one?"
The location or locations are totally up to you. If there are places that are special to you, those are great places to consider  - we want your pictures to be meaningful and uniquely yours.  Several ideas to get you thinking: your favorite parks, downtown streets and alleyways, riverwalks, a property or farm belonging to friends or family, your school or athletic field, your favorite shop or restaurant, your summer job,  and your own backyard.

Plan for the shoot to take about an hour or a bit more, and it's just great to include as many locations as you would like in that time. The only thing to avoid is spending too much time in transit. On a typical shoot for example, we might start in a downtown area, wander through a couple alleys and into a fun indoor location, then finish up at a nearby park. Mixing up the backgrounds so you have plenty of variety is ideal.

"My schedule is really crazy! What scheduling options are available for sessions?"
We completely understand that, especially if you are involved in extracurriculars, your days are packed. We will find a good time and place that fits your schedule - often looking at evenings, weekends, or school holidays.

"What if it rains? Or the weather is otherwise downright unpleasant on the day of the shoot?
We will keep an eye on the forecast, and check in with you if it looks dicey. We would much rather reschedule for a later date if it looks like the weather will take the fun out of a session. We want you to have a great time and be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

"Should parents/friends/siblings come along for the shoot?"
Most seniors do bring a parent, though some don't.  Our preference is that you are comfortable, and a parent or friend is often very helpful for both moral support and details like keeping track of outfits and accessories. We don't, however, suggest bringing more than one person, as it does take a certain amount of focus on your part to get the best looks and smiles, and a crowd can make that difficult.

"What should I wear? Should I bring anything?"
Be yourself! Formal, informal, or a combination. You can also consider athletic or extracurricular outfits, and accessories like scarves, sunglasses, hats, jewelry, etc.

Cars, bikes, skates, a boat, a kite, an instrument, a beloved pet, your science project, your alter ego - all possible to include. Go ahead and think outside the box.

"When is the session fee due?
The session fee is due the day of the shoot. We can take checks, cash, or credit.

"Can the included 100 wallet-size prints be split up between multiple different images?"
Yes! We order them in sheets of 4, so divide accordingly and split it up among as many images as you'd like.

Steve and Ashley Hage
Point Photo and Design  -  574-202-3505